I am all alone when I am in the midst of the darkest night, when there is no hope , no faith , no ray of light.

When I am stuck in an awful site , will I overcome it by my might?

I feel all lonely in this road at night, all alone when everyone is far from sight.

Then my friends they come in sight,where no one was once seen and far from my side.

Joanna Aji Jacob


I want to live in the world of fantasies, with roses and little pancies .

With rainbows with the aim to welcome , and stars in the sky to shine up.

I wish to have a candy house , a house that won’t perish , but a house that I can cherish . there would be so much to do in my fantasies of roses and little pancies.

I’d be happy always in a place where people are special in their own ways .

There will be no doubt and lust , but a shield of peace and trust.

By Joanna Aji Jacob

Your Love Undescribed

When all I did was wrong , and all I had was gone , I embraced myself in the love he gives , and in his favor shall I always live .

Your love reaches great heights , whether it be day or night .  You know where I go and when I come ,  you fill my cup and not leave me with some .

In your shelter let me hide ,  and in you my trust shall I always find .  Let me always know your will , until then I will stay still.

Let me always be satisfied , In your love undescribed .

Joanna Aji Jacob

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